The awareness of the importance of nutrition in having a healthy life has grown. Since the 1980s, televisions and newspapers and, for many years, the internet have also provided us with useful information on how nutrition should be managed. It is also known that it is not correct to exceed calories, that it is preferable to reduce saturated fats, meat, simple sugars and salt. It would also be wise to prefer foods rich in vitamins, fiber and antioxidants.


The abundance of food availability in recent decades has a downside. That is, a diet with few rules can cause serious damage to our body with an increase in blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides son you can fail in having a healthy life. These problems can be defined as real diseases of well-being. In fact, this makes us understand the importance of nutrition. Often it is not easy to check these values ​​only by relying on the internet or what you listen to on television. Very often the formulation of a correct diet is above all the task of the dietician. Therefore it is necessary to turn to a professional with a wide background of studies behind him. That is, it is necessary to look for a doctor or biologist with a specialization in human nutrition given the importance of nutrition. WORKING AS A NUTRITIONIST


After having obtained the necessary qualifications to carry out the profession, the nutritionist must act conscientiously by “studying” the patient-client from a clinical and psychological point of view. Make him understand the importance of nutrition. Understanding your needs by analyzing blood values ​​and identifying any intolerances. Then apply the calculation of needs by applying the standard values ​​which are based on the average man (male of 70 kg) and then correct them based on height, lifestyle and metabolism. The analysis of metabolic parameters must always be accompanied by the nutritional tables which are standard. So they cannot predict the enormous variability that exists among men.

The dietician must not only be prescribing food rations but must also be a psychologist. That is, he must understand what is at the basis of the patient’s eating errors and must correct them by making him accept a diet in a lasting way. Furthermore, the analysis of the patient’s blood values ​​is essential to understand the effects of the diet.


There are small portable laboratories that cost just over 5,000 euros and that can provide a precise picture of the effects of the diet on the body in a very quick and precise way. In particular, they have the advantage that they can be purchased in installments with the possibility of tax relief. With an average number of weekly analyzes, the cost of purchasing the device can be recovered in a few months. In addition to this device, the dietician is sufficient to purchase a scale, a blood pressure monitor, a computer and a good PC rationing program.

Obviously, to the result of this program he will have to add the changes and corrections that his experience will suggest. Furthermore, he will always have to talk to the patient and evaluate his mood, well-being and degree of satisfaction with the diet he is following. It is a profession that can give enormous satisfaction if practiced with conscience. In fact, seeing a person happy for having regained good physical shape. Or a person with poor health due to pressure problems or elevated cholesterol returning to good health is something that is priceless


Whoever carries out this profession will have to register in a register, open a VAT number. If he is self-employed and, above all, he must always be updated. In fact, food is a constantly evolving science. So it is not possible to be out of date. In particular, in recent years the perception of the relationship between man and food has changed enormously. So, nutraceuticals were born because people wants to having an healthy life. In other words, the perception of food that can be considered as a medicine in both the curative and preventive fields has spread. In fact, it is impossible to have a long and healthy life with an incorrect diet.

Nutraceuticals represents the evolution in a modern key of what Hippocrates claimed almost 2500 years ago. That is, of the importance of nutrition and therefore he said to his disciples: “Let food be your medicine and your medicine be food”. In addition, I must remember that it is a real commercial activity, therefore the assistance of an accountant is essential for the regulatory and tax aspects.

Dr. Massimiliano Mangafà

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