The evolution of the kitchen has given rise to new recipes also as regards bread. It was traditionally prepared using wheat flour, water and yeast, a lot of care to knead it and to make it rise and then … cooking. The result is a warm and fragrant bread that cannot be resisted. The increasingly refined tastes and curiosity of consumers have given birth to many variations of classic bread.

Have you ever tasted rye bread, potato bread, carrot bread or yogurt bread? In addition, I personally prepared these kinds of warm and fragrant bread after tasting them at a friend’s house. So I must say that they are fantastic even if there is a bread that beats them all. In particular if we make an overall balance between nutritional properties and flavor. I’m talking about soybean bread made using yellow soybeans. I remind my readers that soy is a particular legume because it has a very high protein content (about 36%).


Obviously if we want to get the maximum benefits from it I recommend to prefer the organic and GMO-free soybeans. All legumes are rich in proteins thanks to the symbiosis they have established with particular bacteria called nitrogen fixers that “live” in their roots. They allow to capture atmospheric nitrogen and transform it into nitrates which allow plants to produce proteins. Thanks to this symbiosis with this family of bacteria, soybeans are the richest legume of proteins. In addition to being also the one with the highest biological value. These properties make it a valid meat substitute therefore excellent for vegetarians, vegans or for those who simply want to reduce the quantity of meat consumed. The appreciation for soy has given birth to new recipes based on this fantastic legume.

warm and fragrant bread of soyabean

The growing awareness of food hygiene has made consumers understand that an excess of meat, eggs, milk and derivatives is absolutely not healthy. The result of this type of feeding is often an increase in body weight. Furthermore, above all it causes serious damage to health due to an increase in cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure. In particular, they entail an increase in the risk of heart attack and stroke as well as a drastic reduction in life expectancy. In particular, the peoples of the Far East are traditionally large consumers of soy. So this has influenced their eating habits. With a consequent reduction in the consumption of meat and animal products among the peoples of Southeast Asia and this has given rise to new recipes with soy as the main ingredient

.All epidemiology studies have analyzed the diet rich in animal products typical of modern western peoples. In particular, it has created unknown diseases in the past related to an abundance of fat in the blood. Therefore enriching the supply of organic and GMO-free soybeans and a consequent reduction of products of animal origin would reduce the incidence of many diseases. In fact, the healthiness of the vegetarian diet is widely demonstrated. There is no doubt that the healthiest of diets is vegetarian. In fact, it is low in saturated fat and cereal products are the basis of this diet. In particular, the staples of the Mediterranean diet are definitely pasta and bread. The latter has been the basis of food for the peoples of southern Europe for millennia.


In our days the habit of preparing bread at home for health reasons is increasingly widespread. In fact, we can choose BIO ingredients and whose traceability we can know. Also eat a bread prepared at home from a great satisfaction not to mention the excellent flavor it has. The preparation of homemade bread can become a good habit also because we can prepare it even once every 15 days and freeze it. This healthy and widespread habit has given rise to new recipes regarding bread and soy. By thawing in the refrigerator and then slowly a few slices at a time daily we will leave the properties of the bread unaltered which will be excellent. In particular with the “soy bread” which is an exceptional bread of which I will now give you the recipe.

dott. Massimiliano Mangafà

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