When we started talking about to eat the vegan cuisine it seemed to be faced with one of the many passing fashions. It seemed destined to last a few months or a year or two at the most. Someone would have thought that it was a kind of hippy or radical chic attitude destined not to last long related to the wish of vegan and no OGM food.

Many people have thought that after a short period of experimentation very few would have persevered in rejecting meat. Or even all other products of animal origin. Instead things went differently. The reasons for this change in the eating habits of ever-growing sections of the population stem from numerous factors. One of these is the health factor. In fact I remember that since the 80s numerous television programs began to spread that educated people to adopt a more correct food style. I was quite young but I remember that doctors and experts of various kinds were often invited to television. They always gave advice on the best way to eat.

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We were told that, for a healthy life, it was essential to adopt a correct lifestyle. In fact, to the usual advice to practice moderate physical activity, not to smoke and not to overdo alcohol, the appeal was added more and more insistently to adopt a correct diet vegan cuisine healty food We started talking about BIO products and, many years later we started talking about non-GMO products too. In the 60s and 70s eating meat abundantly was a sign of prosperity also because the memory of the post-war food crisis was near. Now you often speak about environment, vegan cuisine , healty food.


In recent decades, medicine has increasingly recommended to reduce more and more meat and meat products (cured meats). We have learned that excessive or even moderate consumption of products of animal origin has negative effects. In particular on cholesterol, triglyceride values, on blood pressure values, on the risks of atherosclerosis and stroke. They explained what LDL cholesterol is (also called “bad” cholesterol). It settles more easily on the walls of the arteries by blocking them). And what is HDL cholesterol (called “good” cholesterol, that is, what helps the walls of the arteries remain clean).

They told us about triglycerides and the fact that it is good that calculates what the right ratio should be between these blood values. ​They should not be high but not low either. It is the formula of the “cardiovascular risk index” that allows you to calculate what the right ratio should be between all these blood values. In order for these blood values ​​to remain within correct limits it was necessary to have adequate eating habits.


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Meanwhile, cook the pasta of durum wheat and good quality by draining it “al dente”, that is, not very cooked and then pour it in the tomato sauce previously prepared boiling. We mix the sauce and pasta for a few minutes on a low flame in order to allow the pasta to absorb the sauce. Then we serve the hot “pasta with tomato sauce” topped with a spoonful of “Parmigiano Reggiano” and “Grana Padano” cheese grated on top.

A great positive aspect of Mediterranean cuisine is that the abundance of vegetables grown on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. They allows you to have an immense variety of ingredients and this allows you to cook an infinite number of dishes. This great availability of fresh food allows you to have all kinds of food available. Lovers of good food and healthy eating can have access to all the fresh ingredients necessary to prepare the most typical dishes of Italian cuisine.


This wide variety of ingredients allows you to find all the products to be able to “eat Italian” in every shop and in any part of the world so you can combine vegan cuisine and healty food . With them you can follow a veggy diet that combine vegan cuisine healty food that has the double advantage of being respectful of animal welfare by not requiring killing or exploitation of other living beings and is also a friend of our health because it does not introduce in the body fats or other harmful substances in abundance.

Let’s not forget also the richness of minerals, vitamins and flavonoids of this diet. I am a cooking enthusiast to whom like to taste dishes from different kitchens, carefully evaluating their various organoleptic properties so I can confidently say that Italian cuisine is one of the best if we take stock by combining the flavor and healthiness in addition to the availability of BIO and GMO products.

doc. Massimiliano Mangafà

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