The increase in breast size in a woman during puberty is a natural phenomenon that can continue even a few years after puberty. This process is conditioned by the increase in the production of estrogen hormones. In this delicate period for the future woman there is an evident physical and psychological evolution. One of the most obvious signs of this change is a noticeable increase in the size of the breast.



The increase in breast size in women is variable according to the individual, in deposition of fat in the chest fat pad. The mammary glands are the structures used for the production of milk. However, given their small size, they have little influence on determining the size of the breast. For this reason, the woman’s milk production is independent of the size of the breast. Then it is not determined by the amount of adipose tissue that is localized in the breast. Every people on Earth has an average breast size but, although infrequent, there are exceptions. So, if very accentuated, we speak of micromastia (breasts much much smaller than average). Or macromastia (larger), although rare forms of breasts exist much larger than the aand, in these cases we speak of gigantomastia.

The woman has a high endogenous production of the main female hormone which is estradiol. So a reduced testosterone which, on the contrary, is more abundant in men. It is noted that, in humans with low testosterone levels, the development of gynecomastia. So there is an abnormal development of a species of mammary gland. On the contrary, high amounts of androgens (testosterone) in women lead to a situation of breast atrophy and fairly widespread hair.


The size of the breasts can vary during the various phases of the menstrual cycle. Then with an increase in size due to the accompanied by an annoying feeling of tension. All this is due to an excess of production of estrogen hormones compared to progesterone. This process is conditioned by the production of hestrogen hormones. Aesthetic medicine exploits this phenomenon to meet women who want to increase the size of their breasts without resorting to surgery. A tip is not to resort to medicines containing synthetic estrogens that is artificial because it would increase the risk of the onset of tumors. Obviously, miracles cannot be expected, but breast augmentation can be achieved by combining adequate nutrition and exercise.   

                                                                                                                                             Light but constant gymnastics can make the pectoral muscles firmer. Therefore the breasts would appear “higher” and appear larger thanks to the increase in the size of the pectoralis major muscle. So twenty or thirty minutes of gymnastics aimed at the development of the pectoral muscles. Then doing exercises three or four times a week (push-ups on the arms, use of springs or weights on a bench). So it would be sufficient to increase the breast of some size. Anyway if combined with an adequate diet. Diet is important because proteiene are fundamental for the “building” of muscle mass. The most fanatic bodybuilders often advise recklessly to introduce, in their diet, abundant quantities of proteins of animal origin. In fact many ingest high quantities of white meats (chicken and turkey) which have the defect of making doses of antibiotics which, in the long run they could be harmful.


Other bodybuilders recommend massive doses of fish. Preferably natural tuna, therefore without oil). But it is preferable not to abuse it because of the risk of accumulation of heavy metals in the body. Even worse is the habit of swallowing significant quantities of egg white. Because it may contain antibiotics and, if not cooked properly, it may be rich in antivitamin factors. You should not even exaggerate with the amount of protein to be assimilated because an excess of them could cause kidney problems. So I would recommend a moderate intake of testosterone enough for a good toning of the pectoral muscle that would make the breasts appear larger.   

                                                                                                                                             The main protein sources of vegetable origin are represented by legumes. Then, thanks symbiosis with colonies of nitrogen fixing bacteria in the roots are capable of binding inorganic atmospheric nitroge. So transforming it into organic nitrogen which can be used to produce protein molecules. Among the legumes, the richest in protein is soybean, which is therefore excellent for building muscle mass. The toning effect of soy on the muscles is greater in women and less in men because it has small amounts of estrogen.


In addition to an effect on the breast muscles, soy would also have an effect in promoting the storage of fat in the breast. In fact it is known that almost all of the breast volume is due to fat). The breast volume is almost always proportional to the amount of adipose tissue that the woman has distributed on her body. So often by losing weight there is a reduction in the size of the breast. But this distribution can be modified by the estrogen hormones which can be endogenous (i.e. produced by the endocrine glands of the female body). But also introduced with food therefore with soy especially.       

                                                                                                                                             The care of the physical aspect seems to acquire greater importance in particular periods of the year. Such as the summer when a girl or woman has the pleasure of showing a well-toned and well-shaped physique on a beach. Or with a nice décolleté. Often an attempt is made to remedy some error in the diet committed during the winter trying to solve the problem in a few weeks. Instead the secret of a beautiful and harmonious body is that of a constant but not exaggerated commitment throughout the year. Then consisting of moderate physical exercise and a healthy diet respecting your body, the environment and animals. So my suggestion is to eliminate or, in any case, reduce the meat. Then by replacing it with vegetable protein products such as soy, better if BIO and no GMO. They stimulate the production of estrogen hormones.


A woman who wants a beautiful and harmonious body with beautiful breasts must also be attentive to the health of her organism. Therefore she should prefer healthy foods i.e. cereals with a not negligible portion there whole grains. Then should certainly abound with fruits and vegetables such as source of vitamins, flavonoids and fiber. So, equally important, should prefer organic and GMO-free foods as they are healthier and more respectful of the environment. In fact the secret to being happy is to feel good with your body and spirit in a healthy and clean environment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      doc. Massimiliano Mangafà 

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