Many things have changed in the world in recent years. In fact, an increasing health, environmental and animal rights awareness has grown. Respect and care for your body, the environment and animals have entered, increasingly, into the consciousness of many people. Almost all of us are now attentive to what we eat, we want to be healthy and beautiful. It is not just a matter of aesthetics but we are talking about the combination of beauty with health. Most people now research both, also because newspapers and televisions have taught everyone what virtuous behaviors are for their health. We have learned that sport is very useful. Or, at least, a little bike to practice on a daily basis, that you should not exceed with calories.


In fact, a thin but not too attractive body is also healthier, in fact overeating causes obesity, diabetes, heart disease, tumors and many other pathologies. Those who are normal weight have a longer life expectancy. Then, to obtain this result you have to have care for your body then should not exceed with carbohydrates. So you have to limit the fats especially the saturated ones which are above all those of animal origin. In particular saturated fats produce an increase in cholesterol, in particular LDL cholesterol. Then also called “bad” cholesterol because it has a high tendency to settle on the walls of the arteries. Then reducing its size and hindering blood flow as well as increasing the risk of thrombi and ischemia.         

                                                                                                                                            In addition to being harmful to health, saturated fats are also harmful to aesthetics. In fact they promote fat deposits on the body. Therefore avoiding or reducing the consumption of meat and cured meats will also have positive effects on physical appearance. Body and health care, attention to the environment is constantly growing. So attention is constantly increasing for the refusal of polluting activities such as intensive farming. In fact it is a great source of methane production which is the greenhouse gases are more dangerous. So are also an important source of pollution of the territory. Due to the manure produced by farmed animals which are not difficult to dispose of.


So care to environmental and health reasons, attention to animal welfare is becoming increasingly important. Then it consists in criticizing a system that causes suffering to other living beings. All this has allowed an ever greater diffusion of the concept of vegetarian or vegan food style. Many people now do not eat meat or even animal products such as milk and eggs. These people are usually well informed about what should be eaten to follow a complete diet. So they know which ingredients to buy and have learned to cook many tasty vegetarian recipes that do not at all regret the “omnivorous” cuisine. 

                                                                                                                                 Following a correct vegetarian diet that is tasty and healthy is easy. In particular when you live at home and you can buy a wide variety of ingredients in supermarkets or specialized shops. However it can be complicated due to the growing spread of vegetarianism. In fact almost all restaurants have on the menu portions of raw vegetables or even grilled vegetables. So those who are vegetarian can order these dishes as well as some cheese. In the American metropolises, in many European countries but also in India and Israel vegetarian restaurants are widespread. In fact eating vegetarian is becoming not only a healthy habit but also something refined.


These vegetarian restaurants do not have the same spread all over the world. In fact there are nations with a strong carnivorous tradition such as Argentina and Spain as well as many Eastern European nations. Hotel chains, tourist villages or cruise ships are often well organized for providing vegetarian menus to their customers. Travel agencies are increasingly specifying the provision of a vegetarian menu if requested.

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The continuous search for vegetarian and vegan restaurants has led to the creation of websites. Inj particular dedicated to providing information to those looking for the possibility of eating dishes abroad where meat is not present. One of the best known online services is “HAPPY COW”. It has an international database where you can find all the vegetarian or vegan restaurants near the place where you want to spend your holiday.


This service also exists as a free app. This app also allows you to track down other places where you can get food such as bakeries, herbalists, pubs. There is also an app called VEGANAROUND. It will help you to have care for your body and which is also free and available for Android. If you have to travel long distances by car, my advice is to always have a supply of bars or snacks with you. In fact you may find it difficult to find vegetarian restaurants or shops in a new city or on a fast road. 

                                                                                                                                              The spread of vegetarian dishes can also vary depending on where we are and can also change within the same country. In Italy, for example, there are regions such as Puglia that have an ancient tradition of excellent vegetarian dishes. In particular based on products grown on its territory and seasoned with an excellent extra virgin olive oil produced on its soil. However intestinal problems due to change of diet are frequent. In particular when you go on holiday because the new food can alter the composition of the intestinal bacterial flora. Therefore a vegetarian or in any case rich in vegetables diet would have a high preventive effect on the intestinal disorders. So I advise you to inquire about what the typical dishes of each location are before organizing a trip. So that, if you are a vegetarian, you will not encounter any nasty surprises.


The secret of a good traveler is always to be flexible and adaptable. Therefore not to have absurd claims on the variety of foods you want to order. Anyway to inquire before leaving on the availability of food in the place where you want to spend the holiday. In the worst case, settling for grilled vegetables, salads, pasta or rice with vegetables, fried or baked potatoes. Even if excellent vegetarian or vegan dishes, even more elaborate, are available almost everywhere. The abundance of vegetables typical of vegetarian and vegan foods will have the advantage of providing a high amount of fiber. So they will nourish the intestinal bacterial flora and promote peristalsis by improving intestinal regularity. Then avoiding unpleasant constipation problems that could ruin the holiday.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           doc. Massimiliano Mangafà

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